Thursday, September 13, 2007

A little on Harry

Harry Potter seems to be a litmus test for the average homeschooler: If you detest him, you're blessed, if you adore him, you're woefully misguided at best.

Whether you approve or disapprove, your judgment must be vehement. "The Harry Potter books promote Satanic cult worship!" "The Harry Potter books are the new childhood classics!" There's little room for quiet, thoughtful debate on the literary merits of the books, to what age-group they are most appropriately introduced (or not), or, indeed, even the spiritual perils and graces available in them.

Mark Shea, over at my favorite First Things, has written a brief (if exasperated) analysis in favor of the Potter books that's pretty convincing. It'll delight my dearling friend, Christine Neulieb, who recently posted a less-intellectually-stimulating but hilarious "Potter Puppet Show."

The puppets speak much more to my present condition than does Shea, I have to admit...

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Jacques said...

Heh heh, it did delight me...though perhaps not *quite* as much as the puppets...thanks for the tip!!