Monday, April 21, 2008

Teresa hiatus!

This is from Benedict XVI's responses to questions posed by the Catholic bishops of America during his visit. Its prescience is astounding!

The bishops requested: The Holy Father is asked to give his assessment of the challenge of increasing secularism in public life and relativism in intellectual life, and his advice on how to confront these challenges pastorally and evangelize more effectively.

Response: "... Perhaps America’s brand of secularism poses a particular problem: it allows for professing belief in God, and respects the public role of religion and the Churches, but at the same time it can subtly reduce religious belief to a lowest common denominator. Faith becomes a passive acceptance that certain things “out there” are true, but without practical relevance for everyday life. The result is a growing separation of faith from life: living “as if God did not exist”. This is aggravated by an individualistic and eclectic approach to faith and religion: far from a Catholic approach to “thinking with the Church”, each person believes he or she has a right to pick and choose, maintaining external social bonds but without an integral, interior conversion to the law of Christ... "

May we abhor hypocrisy and compartments! The life of the mind, the life of the soul, and everyday life must be one or we ourselves will fall to pieces.

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