Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miriam the theologian. Part II.

In Which Installement Miriam Launches Upon A Theologie of the Bodie

Miriam: Mummy, boys and girls are different.

PM: Oh, well, yes they are.

M: They like diffrent things. I like pink and baby dolls. Boys sometimes don't like baby dolls. But Eric (male pre-school friend) likes baby dolls and he's a boy.

PM: (stymied silence: Has she discovered the "spectrum" theory of gender-based preference?)

M: And mommies have diffrent faces.

PM: What do you mean, Miriam?

M: Well, Erika (friend of Philosopher Mom) has a face and it's not your face. And other mommies don't have a Erika face (sic).

PM: Yes. Why do you think that is?

M: (thinks) They are diffrent people. So they have diffrent arms and legs, too.


Life without distinctions is meaningless. Life without faces (and arms and legs) would be simply ... not human!


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

And to think that many "adults" I know today don't get these fundamental distinctions! Perhaps they bought into the "continuum of gender" that I was taught in DC years ago. Recently, I actually had a prof suggest that "gender" may be viewed differently now under the Constitution because it is no longer immutable (citing, I suppose, the recent case of the woman who looked like a pregnant man). I'm glad to see that childlike intuition is still the surest way to go.