Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 was great.

I completely forget what my resolution for 2008 was. I think it was along the lines of, "I must not eat so many Lime Tostito Chips." But then again, I was pregnant at this point last year.

2008 was great. Along the lines of Jen from Conversion Diary, here are 8 lessons learned (or re-learned).

1. I must make time for prayer every morning. It is a proven, scientific fact in our household that, when Erika says her morning prayer, the day is a happier day. Resolution for 2009: Make time for Morning Prayer--even a truncated version--every morning.

2. The man who asked me to marry him six years ago is a "just man" in the line of Joseph. 2008 gave him many opportunities to grow in, er, virtue. Between a pregnant wife, a newborn, endless reams of dissertation data, odd hours experimenting with rodent behavior, and a two-year-old-who-turned-three--he had his hands full. And was ever-gracious about it. Resolution for 2009: Mirror his graciousness.

(Baby) life is beautiful. I was really able to enjoy every moment of Isabella's babyhood in a way I couldn't, because of my own pride and impatience, enjoy our first child. Resolution for 2009: Keep enjoying every moment of childhood.

4. All life is beautiful. Since college, I've been on a hiatus from pro-life activism. The recent election woke me back up: there is no sustainable morality that does not receive and love human life from the moment of conception. Resolution for 2009: Witness to life.

5. Divorce is horrible. This was no surprise. Ever since I fell in love with Todd, whose parents divorced when he was 12, I've seen how awful it is. But it's only been since we had Miriam that I've been confronting it's deeper scars. Resolution for 2009: Pray for and witness to the beauty of the marital vows.

6. Obedience is always enough. Fidelity, fidelity, fidelity. To my vows. To the Church. To Christ. To the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Where my heart is--and submits itself--there my treasure is. So, set your heart--and submit it--to what lasts. Resolution for 2009: Meditate more on obedience.

7. I love life in the country. Our two extended vacations to NH this year confirmed it: being in an isolated place, with woods and "growing things," brings untold peace to my heart. I don't spend as much, I don't "need to get out." Resolution for 2009: Cultivate a cloistered heart even amidst all the suburban sprawl.

8. The Mother of God is my dear friend, even when I neglect her. Mary has been so quiet in my life lately, but I am always shocked by the force of her presence when she does "show up." Resolution for 2009: Walk with Mary more.

And, of course, I will be renewing my yearly resolution since 2000: "Don't be stupid." It's amazing how these three little words can save you a lot of trouble!

Happy New Year!


Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I LOVE this list! I can especially relate to #8. Thank you for sharing!

Maica Kozak said...

I look forward to seeing you again when you're back in town. Much on your list has been on my mind lately as well. I'm glad you posted them.

Starrball said...
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Anonymous said...

I just actually got around to reading some of your blog (from Jen's review).

I completely identify with #7.

Also #8 kind of intrigues me, I'm still working on God but I don't have a relationship with Mary yet, how do I go about that, the rosary and asking her intercession? I've certainly never experienced any presence that wasn't God's.