Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Success!

Well, now, it was a good week!

1. I finished all my progress reports for the Regina Caeli Academy students. On time!

2. In spite of a major head cold and sinus infection and threat of croup, I fed my family dinner every night.

3. The girls and I made it to the library yesterday, thus avoiding major late fees while at the same time restocking our pile of books for "sthick daysth." (Miriam is currently experimenting with listhpsth.)


Bean-o said...

1. Woke up and did NOT work out. Did not hate self.

2. Wrote scheduling emails. Said funny things.

3. Took out trash.

4. Went to work.

successful morning.

The Krazy Girl said...

I need to get my kids to the library. We rarely go in the winter because I'm too lazy. Good for you though...your a good mommy:)

e2 said...

Nice. Taking out the trash is important. :)

The library trip was fun--it's a great outing when it's too cold outside (or I'm too sick!)...