Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A moment...

... to breathe.

Fresh bread baking in the oven, a baby baking in the womb.

A little Pandora radio on so softly.

Some Hans Urs von Balthasar: "Love is an a priori Yes to whatever may come, whether it be the Cross, or being plunged into absolute abandonment, or being forgotten, or utter uselessness and meaninglessness. It is the Son's Yes to the Father, the Mother's Yes to the angel, because he carries God's Word..." (loving this book...)

An examination of conscience for tonight's Penance Service.

And the promise of a coming King.

O holy moment.


Jessica said...

I got to experience a Holy Moment such as this today too, something to notice and savour. . . How are you feeling??

Jessica said...

Love the quote by the way, too. Realizing lately how much I resist all of those things, rather than a ready YES.

Anonymous said...
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Dawn Farias said...

What a nice moment. Thanks for the link to Pandora Radio. I'm listening to it now.