Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few more days...

The deadline for this little beauty to show her face is officially May 4th. Then... let the Pitocin commence!

While I'm thrilled to have an End In Sight, I've mostly received condolences from friends. The idea of an induction must be off-putting to most people--it's so unnatural! But it's all I've known with my other two children. Miriam was late and had dangerously low levels of amniotic fluid. Bella broke her little water sac, but my body didn't want to go into labor.

And needless to say, after the weeks of hyperemesis, the last day of pregnancy, full of needles and drugs and bedrest, is rather par for the course.

And then. It is finished.

The whole process of human reproduction is really the oddest thing to me. It's so earthy and awkward, full of all the extremes of physical, emotional, and spiritual pleasure and pain. Physical motherhood can only change us forever, whatever the circumstances or outcome of the pregnancy, because we are human. Body and soul. Such a traumatic (both good and difficult) physical experience can only also transform the inner person.

However many times.

It is an Easter sort of thing: If we have died with Christ, the body is dead (and, oh, does it feel dead!) because of sin. But the spirit lives because of Him. Alleluia.

I am so grateful to be human: that this body, so beaten and triumphant all at once, is truly a little "elevator" to salvation (as Therese would say). Here's to giving everything! Here's to doing it more graciously than before! Higher up and further in.


Annita, Mom2Seven said...

Erika, I have been watching your blog for baby news! Prayers for you and your little one. Four of my seven pregnancies had to be induced, and I never had a problem... I went quickly into labor and delivered quickly! (My water broke, but I did not go into labor with those particular pregnancies.) Peace, peace, peace, and prayers, prayers, prayers! ;)

Alishia said...

I've had three c-sections. I think people feel a little bad for me. But, truth be told, I actually enjoy them. Recovery is not bad for me. And I'm more than capable of bonding with my newborn and nursing quickly.I almost hate to admit how much I enjoy the c-section. So many people doting over you, so many days in the hospital with room service! Godspeed to you!

earthie said...


LP said...

Erika, thanks for this post! I only have my one experience, it was a 27-hour natural labor, but between my own and everyone else's experiences/stories and all the studying I've done, it's hard to put it into words adequately and completely. You did it just about right. We will pray for you!

Lauren (H) P. from CUA

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Prayers for a safe and successful delivery. I had pitocin with my fourth child; after waiting through three full days of labor, the doctor wanted to speed things up. With the pitocin, it took another two days. Stubborn kid! Still is -- at age 30, he is a stubborn adult! Should have known when that pitocin did not work! All the best to you; I hope you have a beautiful birthing and, more important, a beautiful, healthy baby.

Erika said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for the prayers and thoughts! We go with confidence and hope.