Saturday, May 15, 2010

A complete thought.

It's been a full week since Ana came home, and we've had three days of "just us" Aherns in the house. Writing has not returned to my life yet, but I feel sure it will. Good writing, I'm realizing, requires at least one complete thought, and complete thoughts are in short supply these days.

The "babymoon" means thoughts like:

"Motherhood holds great mystery and ISABELLA STOP PUTTING THE BLANKET ON HER FACE!"

"Was I this hungry with the other two WHERE'S BELLA????"

"This is the cutest onesie and OH MY GOSH SHE SPIT UP AGAIN!"

Not blogging fodder.

Hardly edifying fodder.

But the best thing so far with the third child (and this is a complete thought) is remembering again how quickly this newbie phase passes. Remembering again how helpless and needy both she and I are during these first weeks. Remembering again that my husband is my dearest friend, even when he's so sleep deprived he can hardly finish a sentence.

And seeing for the first time a world with Ana in it. "How did we ever get along without her?" as Miriam says.


Katherine said...

I could have written this post and my youngest is 10 months old. LOL. My youngest is also my third though. Maybe it is a third child thing. :) I told a friend of mine that kids have this super power to make time slow down but they can likewise make everything take longer than it did before. I think being unable to contain complete thoughts has a lot to do with that. Enjoy your babymoon!

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

It does go by very, very quickly. My children range from 22 months to just turning 23 years. I look at him... at all of them actually... and think where did the time go?! I also wonder how I went 40(ish;-)years without my youngest, my sweet, sweet baby girl, in my life. She's sleeping at my side now. How did I live all those years without my younger children? (I had babies in my 20's, 30's, and 40's.) Hang on tight, Erika, because in the blink of an eye, you'll be sending one off to college or helping another move into their first apartment. Bittersweet... +JMJ+