Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

JESUS, if, against my will,

I have wrought Thee any ill,
And, seeking but to do Thee grace,
Have smitten Thee upon the face,
If my kiss for Thee be not
Of John, but of Iscariot,
Prithee then, good Jesus, pardon
As Thou once didst in the garden,
Call me "Friend," and with my crime
Build Thou Thy passion more sublime.

~"Rex Doloris," frontispiece from Dorothy L. Sayers' "Catholic Tales and Christian Songs"


Mom2Seven said...

Also, my baby's (2 yrs.)Baptism Day, which we celebrated with cake! I always enjoy my visits, although, I'm usually too tired and too dull to comment! +JMJ+

Clare Krishan said...

Beautiful icon - reminds me of a similar one on a massive scale hanging in the apse at Westminster Cathedral, where the Holy Father celebrated their patronage dedication to the Precious Blood with an awesome vigil mass recently (on the anniversary of the apparition of the Sorrowful Lady at La Salette around the time of the reception of Newman into the Church).

Thanks for the link but would appreciate your thoughts since I'm not sure what to make of (high church Anglican-Episcopalian) Sayers Mystery play "THE MOCKING OF CHRIST" where she has her character POPE act out the following :

--- excerpt ----


Well thought on! Fair and finely hit!
Come on! We'll make the prisoner "It" ...
Here is a chair for Him to sit.

______ They set Christ in the centre and go out. They return, in order, dancing and mumming. All sing the chorus, dancing about the chair.


Here come I with a robe of red
And a crown to adorn His head,
The key of heaven, the key of hell,
And the world's treasure-house as well.

______ * He setteth the robe upon Him, thrusteth the tiara over His eyes, and giveth Him three keys.


Let us sing, whate'er befall:
Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

______ * They bow the knee.


Here's a crown of another style,
Sword and sceptre for His hands,

______ * He giveth temporal crown, sword and sceptre.


Lest He use them though, meanwhile
Tie Him up with fetter-bands.

______ * They fetter Him.

... [contd]

and more in the same, if not outright heretical certainly disrespectful, vein -- if Peter wasn't present at the scene, why would the successor of Peter be?