Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"...an age of childhood."

~from Chapter 2: Rest in Christ~

"There is in fact a huge force, a tremendous power for love, being neglected, not being used, at the time when it is needed as never before, and when every sign seems to be pointing to it and challenging it as the only answer: the power of the infancy of Christ.

"The infant Christ is the whole Christ. Christ was not more God, more Christ, more man, on the Cross than He was in His Mother's womb. His first tear, His first smile, His first breath, His first pulsation in the womb of His Mother, could have redeemed the world.

"In fact, Christ chose the life of growth and work and suffering, and the death on the Cross which we know; but by His own choice all this was to depend on a human being giving herself to Him in His infancy, giving her own humanity to the actual making of an infant's humanity and giving Him her life in which to rest."


Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Beautiful. Thank you :)

claire said...

I think I would have loved her. It is so fun that she can write things like that and then in the next minute she might say perfectly hilarious things like:

"I truly believe that the best way to benefit humanity is to make faces on the bus--slightly mad faces, or putting out of the tongue suddenly at the person opposite. Think of the thrill THAT gives to countless uneventful lives to whom nothing ever happens. They can tell everyone for weeks that they saw a mad woman on the bus, and they can exaggerate this to almost any extent. This form of charity can be practiced on the way to work." (from "The Letters of Caryll Houselander")