Monday, August 8, 2011

Stomach bug.... when you have three brilliant ideas for posts. And then can't think of them in the least. One had to do with Peter sinking, another with the ecumenical councils, and one is about the skunks we smell but never see.

Ah, well. Brilliance strikes like lightening, but rarely at the keyboard.

But I do remember this: Happy feast of St. Dominic!

Many blessings of joy and grace to all my dear Dominican friends, near and far. To Sr. Anna, Sr. Alexandra, Sr. Beatrice, Sr. Mary David, the Ann Arbor sisters, and Fr. Shanley, Fr. John Paul, Fr. Jonathan, and all those Dominicans we're getting to know at St. Mary's.

In honor of the Domini Canus, why not help this happy young lady become one of his daughters?

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