Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little plug: UPDATED.

UPDATE: Here is the link to "Parenting Advice" (previously run here).

I haven't had much time to explore CatholicLane yet, but it looks like a great home-on-the-web for Catholics. My favorite bit so far is that they have two liturgical calendars: "In the Ordinary Form" and "In the Extraordinary Form." That's the spirit! No, literally. That's the spirit.

And I have a column going up there tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!


Hannah Elise said...

Okay, as a non-Catholic reader, I have to ask: what is a liturgical calendar?

Erika Ahern said...

Good question. The liturgical calendar just refers to the yearly cycles of feasts and seasons in the Church. All Christians celebrate the feasts of Easter and Christmas, but in the East and Catholic Churches, almost every day commemorates a saint (or many saints) and every day is part of a season (Lent, Advent, Great Fast, Ferral Time...). This tradition dates back to the earliest days of the Church, when the disciples celebrated the Eucharist in commemoration of the Lord's death and resurrection. Time has become holy, and so we have a "Holy Calendar"--every day we celebrate the Lord and what he has done in human lives since his Incarnation. Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on this!