Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rendering unto Caesar.

"And know it now: the senate have concluded
To give this day a crown to mighty Caesar."

~Brutus, Julius Caesar, Act II, sc. ii

I am not wont to post breaking news, but here it is. I am afraid, however, that, unlike Julius Caesar, our own Caesar will not reject the crown the Senate offers.

Archbishop Dolan expressed his hope only this morning that the Congress would be able to help--and now that avenue seems to be closing. There are the courts, and there is always, always fidelity to prayer.

You may check here to see how your Senators voted.

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Senators Politicize and Gut First Amendment


by CatholicVote
6 mins ago


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 1, 2012 Contact: Joshua Mercer Phone: (312) 945-8683 Email:

Senators Politicize and Gut First Amendment Catholic Voters Look to November to Restore Rights

CHICAGO – President Brian Burch issued the following statement following today’s vote on the Blunt Amendment in the United States Senate:

“Voters across America watched today as a majority of the United States Senate voted to gut the First Amendment of our Constitution by failing to protect the religious freedom of all Americans.

“Today’s vote was in response to a controversy the Obama administration chose to create. The President and his Secretary of Health and Human Services have divided the country with an unprecedented assault on our first freedom – the right to believe – by forcing every American to pay for medicines and procedures that millions of Americans find morally objectionable. And now a majority of the United States Senate has chosen to affirm this assault on people of faith, endangering all those served by religiously affiliated organizations.

“Make no mistake, this mandate is unconstitutional and will be overturned by the courts or by the American people by electing a majority of Senators who will stand up for religious liberty.

“We call upon all voters of faith, and all citizens who believe in freedom to hold accountable every Senator who voted against the First Amendment today.”

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