Friday, May 30, 2008

Canus canus or homo sapien?

Mom at Park (M@P): What a cute baby!

Post-partum Me (PPM): Oh, thanks! She's wonderful.

M@P (juggles gurgling 16-mo-old on lap): My husband and I can't decide whether to have another baby or get a dog.

PPM: Um. (wonders how to urge her convincingly that another baby is loads of fun, joy, and the best gift one can give one's first child. First child enters to complain; second child urps.)

M@P: Babies are just so much work.

PPM: Well, babies last longer than dogs.

M@P: Ah. Yes. Well. That's true.

PPM (wonders where that came from): And dogs are messy.

M@P: Well, yes.

PPM (concludes she needs more sleep)


Melanie B said...

"concludes she needs more sleep"

Oh I do hate it when I find myself in those situations. I just know there was something clever and convincing I could have, should have said. Usually think of it two days later.

Jessica said...

If someone ever said that to me I would probably speak without thinking and declare that is by far the dumbest comment I have ever heard. It wouldn't be my proudest moment. That poor child. I mean, imagine having to say years from now, "We were going to have a brother/sister for you but instead we got Rover." Good luck getting that dog to pray for your soul after you die, silly Decatur mama! I bet I can guess the park you were at.

Annie said...

I suspect I would have a really hard time not laughing at someone who said something like that.

I love your response though...children last longer! They certainly do. For eternity.

Melanie B said...

My husband says: Your dog will never say, I love you, mama.