Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The acropolis this ain't.

It's been a little crazy in the Philosophical Household. The demands of an almost-3-year-old and a 7-week-old are varied, constant, and often unforeseeable.

I've felt quite contemplative amidst the strom und drang, however. The heart has its recesses that toilet training knows not (there's a little warped, Pascal reference for you!). Still, the daily routine has not left time for blogging, writing, or otherwise communicating the peace of the heart.

While the philosophical discourse is lacking, cuteness is not. Here's the latest.

Child (C): Mummy, mummy!

Mummy (M): Yes, dear?

C: My doll-house broked!

M: (observing doll-house in two pieces with various items scattered about the floor) I can't fix it right now, child. I'm feeding the baby. Can you pick it up?

C: (begins to rebuild house and replace items with alacrity, raising mother's suspicions that this is, in fact, a planned disaster) I will build my house on rock! I will build my house on rock! Not on sand, Mummy! I will build my house on rock!

Biblical Quiz of the Day: To what parable is child referring?

In case you conclude that I'm raising a genius/saint, here is yesterday's installment of "Relativists I Have Known."

C: Mummy, I am verwy chilly. I need something to put on.

M: Darling, it is 105* Farenheit.

C: No, for me it is chilly.

M: Okay, what do you want to put on?

C: My tutu.

(speechless mother gives her tutu; child takes off all other pieces of clothing)

C: Now I am warm!!! I am not chilly!

As you can see, the philosophical discourse is limited to absurdism. But it is a verwy happy absurdist you read here.


Gina Marie said...

Alright, that totally made my day! I've been in the library since 10p.m. the night before--sleep schedule is totally off--and I just burst out laughing to that. I know sleep deprivation, like wine, encourages giggles but I really needed a good laugh :)

Melanie B said...

My toddler's having similar difficulties with warm/cold. The transition from bundled winter weather-- which is all she can really remember-- to summer heat has been odd. She can't quite get used to not needing a coat when we go out. Yesterday she declared, "Feet cold, need sandals." Today she was begging for gloves. Mind you it's been in the 80s and 90s this week.