Friday, June 27, 2008

Things on my mind

Beloved Richard John Neuhaus at First Things has a sobering review of some new scholarship on the Third Reich. This paragraph, on the culpability of the German people during the Shoah, particularly hit home. Chilling, indeed.

"During the Third Reich, ordinary Germans “had many more things on their minds.” That’s a chilling phrase. We might easily say, and many do all too easily say, that during the era of slavery or during current horrors such as the genocide in Sudan or the daily killing of thousands of unborn children in the abortuaries around the country, most ordinary Americans “had many more things on their minds.” That’s a moralistic cheap shot. The truth is that we all have many more things on our minds, and necessarily so. Such as families, jobs, dealing with sickness, and warding off despair. Not to mention, for many, the distinctly unnecessary hours every day spent surfing and chatting on the blogosphere."

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