Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Nation of Wimps?

This one caught my eye first because I have a peculiarly deep-seated loathing for the movie Titanic. It was my first date. Ever. And let's just say that when the movie ended and I turned to my date to say, "Wasn't that unbelievably awful," he had tears of deep sentiment in his eyes. It was also my last date for the next three years (that was, by the way, a very good thing!). But the movie is also loathing on its own merits, regardless of what your date's reaction was when you saw it.

But, anyway...

Rebecca Teti's thoughts on heroism and self-sacrifice are pretty provoking for all us little mothers-post-modern. Give her a gander.

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Lola said...

I concur on Titanic.
I really really really disliked it, in fact did not see it at the theater, only on broadcast tv. And then, I couldn't even watch the whole thing in one sitting.

The actual stagecraft/props were wonderful. Oh, all the opulant eye candy! But, Moulin Rouge did eyecandy better. And it was more honest about loose morals.

But the story, the story was the worst sort of trash. Poorly written to boot. And somehow, it won awards. And when it won awards, I decided the Academy didn't ever need me to ever watch the Awards ever ever again. And I haven't.