Saturday, May 23, 2009

A beautiful place to be born.

The pope's visit to the Holy Land moved me deeply, especially the contrast between the memorial service at Yad Vashem, the Israeli memorial of the Shoah, and his stop at Aida, a Palestinian refugee camp. The deep and tragic divisions in that land could not have been more keenly illustrated.

That is why I was also moved to learn of this beautiful ministry to families near Bethlehem. Truly, peace begins in the womb. From their website:

"Holy Family Hospital is an obstetrical/gynecological facility-the only one in the region that can handle the complicated medical conditions of women living in extreme poverty and under the shadow of political strife which stalks the birthplace of the “Prince of Peace”.

The women who give birth at the hospital may have different traditions but they are united in the primal need of all laboring women: safety and care as they bring their children into the World.

Like Mary and Joseph, these families are on journey to find a place of refuge, a place of promise, a place where their babies can be delivered safely."

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