Friday, May 29, 2009

Miriam the spiritual director. Part III

Miriam: "Let us meditate upon the third astonished mystery: The Coming of the Pope! And the fruit of this mystery is liberty. Amen."

Maybe John Paul II should have consulted a three-year-old for yet another set of mysteries? I love the "astonished" adjective. But "liberty"? A little American for the universal Church, perhaps.


Anne said...

So cute! It is a great joy and relief to read about how you find God in the little things.

But I also have a favor to ask. Have you read the article by James Likoudis criticizing Christopher West? ( A number of his critiques seem fair, but a few others seem like distortions of the Faith in the other direction. The debate is all over the Catholic blogosphere, but I would really appreciate it if you weighed in! Thanks!

e2 said...

Anne, I read the Likoudis article and, yes, I think he certainly tends to distort the faith in, as you put it, "the other direction." For example, he states that the Church teaches Mary enjoyed a painless and bloodless birth, which the Church has never taught. (Various spiritualities within the Church have expressed this opinion, while equally valid Catholic sensibilities hold the opposite opinion.) This, of course, throws the entire critique into question.... More on that later! Thanks for the comment...