Thursday, June 11, 2009

The inner life and action.

From Edith Stein:

"The work of salvation takes place in obscurity and stillness. In the heart's quiet dialogue with God the living building blocks out of which the kingdom of God grows are prepared, the chosen instruments for the construction forged... For those blessed souls who have entered into the unity of life in God, everything is one: rest and activity, looking and acting, silence and speaking, listening and communicating, surrender in loving acceptance and an outpouring of love in grateful songs of praise. As long as we are still on the way ... we need hours for listening silently and allowing the Word of God to act on us until it moves us to bear fruit in an offering of praise and an offering of action." ~"The Prayer of the Church"

She wrote for her Carmelite sisters, but I think her words resound for each of us in the world as well. May "everything be one" for you today.


Maica Kozak said...

beautiful! thanks for sharing!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Wow, great quote!

BTW, I was recently asked to list my top five favorite Catholic blogs for someone doing a presentation at a conference, and I was sure to include yours on the list!

e2 said...

Thanks, Jennifer! That would explain the increase in traffic... :)