Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm a centrist! I really liked this quiz, though all such things are pretty limited in the end. It should have included a follow-up for each question: Exactly how much time have you put in researching and contemplating this issue? I guess fewer people would bother taking it then...

The other frustrating thing was the inevitable lack of nuance. For example, I know it pushed me leftish when I said that unions were indispensable to the middle class. That's just a historical fact; it didn't ask me what I thought of the teacher's unions now. And then, I went farther right when I said that intelligent design should be "taught" (what does that mean?) in public schools. The quiz didn't ask whether I thought evolution should also be proffered as an option.

It reminded me of when Todd and I took the FOCUS marriage prep test. We failed one section because we both said we hoped to see "change" in our partners over the course of our marriage. We both assumed (wrongly) that this meant we hoped to see growth in holiness. Oops! Wrong answer: You're supposed to love your fiance without hope of "changing him"!

Ah, the limitations of statistics.

My Political Views
I am a center-right social moderate
Right: 1.74, Libertarian: 0.71

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Anonymous said...

Neo- and cultural conservative for me. :O)