Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Opening the doors: UPDATE

Today's announcement and reports of Benedict XVI's big fat "Welcome!" to the Anglican communities seeking full communion with Rome: Very Exciting. From what I understand, which may or may not be clear, the Church--in a new Apostolic Constitution, which is in itself a Big Deal--is opening the doors in an unprecedented way to full and visible communion for those who love Peter and also love the Anglican liturgy and (little-t) traditions.

I'll let the Anchoress do the reporting while I sit in my recliner and give thanks. Ut unum sint.

UPDATE: Creative Minority Report has its share of comments, too. Hilarious.

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e said...

My gosh! I haven't looked at your blog in forever!! :)
On a humorous note, what would Anglicans like to keep about their liturgy??? Comedian Eddie Izzard had some funny stuff to say about the sleep-inducing experience... :)