Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teresa of Avila, October 15th

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Teresa of Avila, one the great Doctors of our faith. Reading her Interior Mansions was one of the great steps of my, as of many others', conversion, and I am grateful to remember her each year. One of her most beloved prayers for you today:

Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing affright you.
All things are passing.
God never changeth.
Patient endurance attaineth all things.
Who God possesseth
Nothing is wanting.
God alone sufficeth. Amen.


e said...

We said special prayers for you on this day before we started our school work. You and Avila go together in my brain like peanut butter and jelly... and I don't quite know why... :)

e said...

I mean, I could guess, but I can't pinpoint an incident that solidified the relationship.