Friday, February 26, 2010

Miriam, the Biologist.

Miriam and I watched a rather filthy, but adorable, raccoon last week as he rummaged through our compost pile. She wanted to know all about the little creatures and was especially intrigued by the fact that they are nocturnal (fortunately, she herself is not).

So, this morning when she overheard me complaining (er, remarking) to the Scientist Dad that the in utero Ahern had been kicking me all night, she fell to ponderations.

"Mummy! A baby is like a raccoon! She sleeps all day and stays up at night when she can see!"

She'll do just fine on the SAT analogies section.

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Saint Maker said...

Oh out of the mouth of babes! One of my dd's who is now 20, had a neat perspective on some kittens she came upon. Oh mom, she said at age 7, they must be Catholic cats because there are so many of them! LOL