Monday, February 15, 2010

Praying with small children (around you).

At first, I thought that Abigail's "How to Pray with Small Children" would help me find some appropriate Lenten practices for Miriam. But it's actually meant for me. How to pray with small children constantly poking, prodding, screaming, humming, coloring, spilling, and laughing around you.

"One of my Carmelite friends is the mother of 10 children and someone in our class questioned how she could possibly pray each day with that many children. My friend simply answered "I get up before anyone else in my family wakes up to get in my half-an-hour because I need to pray everyday." That answer mystified my classmate. Yet it made perfect sense to me. If you've got 10 kids from ages 2 to 20, you need to pray everyday."

And if you have two children ages 1 and 4, you need to pray every day.

Check her out.

Thanks to Wine Dark Sea!

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e said...

getting up earlier and drinking more water. the answers to all my problems.