Thursday, March 25, 2010

Annunciation: FIAT!

I always remember my dear sisters in the religious life today, perhaps because of the radical way their spiritual motherhood reflects Mary's virgin motherhood. (I was blessed to have three of my four bridesmaids--among others--enter convents within a year of my wedding! No reflection on the quality of my spouse.) There were some awesome orders entered: the Nashville Dominicans (three friends), the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ (maid of honor), the Sisters of Life (one friend), and the Servants of the Lord (three entered, two stayed). May their tribe increase!

Here, via the Anchoress, is a reflection from a Dominican nun from 2009.

"Mary and Eve were the only two women in history who were given the opportunity to choose the good without the hindrance of disorderly passions, the effects of original sin. Mary was completely free, as Eve was, to choose the good. Whereas Eve doubted God’s fatherly love for her, Mary fully believed that God is Father, that He could conceive the Child He promised within her womb."


Annie said...

that's really beautiful.

Katie Rose at the Vanguard said...

How lovely that your maid of honor is now a sister with the DLJC! My best friend and wedding photographer is now Sr. Rose Therese with them, as well. She took her first promises in August 2009. What is the professed name of your friend? I have met the sisters and may have met her.