Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why 5-year-olds don't name their siblings.

Miriam: "This baby has a white onesie, so we will call her White Baby!"

Bella: "Dat Baby Doll!"

Miriam: "Yes, and we call you Belly, because you are so fat!"

Bella: "Yesh, I Yam!"

Miriam: "And, Ana, we call you Squishy, because you squish everything."

Ana: "Ng, Gah!"

Miriam: "But really we call you Sucky, because you suck all the time."


Amy said...

I was *very* upset, when at the age of 3, my baby sister was born, and my parents would not name her Maurice!?! The nerve...

Modest Mama said...

How funny!

Margaret wants to name our new baby Umpa-loompa. Or Cinderella.

Ceeb said...

Hi there! I've been blog-hopping from the Little Catholic Bubble and I saw someone listed your post title on their blog. I had to come and see it, because at 2, our firstborn son wanted us to name his new sister "Celery."

I will concede that Celery has a nice ring to it... for a vegetable. We told him it could be his special nickname for her. =)

Mom2Seven said...

Very cute! Your girls are adorable!

I still love visiting you and look forward to your new posts. I've been praying for you, Erika... GAD/depression runs most definitely throughout my family, and I had a hard time after my sixth child was born... I think triggered from long-term insomnia. He slept pretty well, but I basically stopped sleeping altogether. You sound like you are headed in the right direction, though. I could really relate to that post! Continued thoughts and prayers! +JMJ+

Maica Kozak said...

Hilarious! Say hello to Miriam for me!