Friday, April 15, 2011

Station VII: Jesus falls again.

This is part seven of a series of posts on the Stations of the Cross. Here are Stations I and II and III and IV and V and VI.

"To our falling again and again into evil, Jesus responds with his determination to redeem us, with an abundance of forgiveness. And, so that no one may despair, again he wearily raises himself, embracing the cross."

God does not simply save us. He does not simply forgive and forget. He does not simply reach down and fix our sundry problems.

He falls with us. He falls again and again.

"May our stumbles and defeats separate us from him no more."

For he has fallen, too.

"Just as a feeble child throws himself contritely into the strong arms of his father, you and I will hold tightly to the yoke of Jesus. Only a contrition and humility like this can transform our human weakness into the fortitude of God."

As we fall with Christ, we shall rise with Christ.

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