Monday, May 23, 2011

Miriam the Philosopher.

Miriam offered to do the dishes last week, and I figured that a little splashing in the sink wouldn't hurt anyone. To my delight, she actually washed them effectively! She has been happily doing my lunch dish work for the last few days. She's thrilled to be a big girl. I'm thrilled to let her do the dishes.

As she approaches 6 years old (oh, wow), she's also becoming quite the existentialist.

If you have any answers (that do not involve Sartre) to the following, please let me know.

Miriam the Platonist: "Mummy? If Daddy had married a different Mummy, would I be Miriam?"

Miriam the Thomist: "Mummy. If God had not made me to be me, who would I have been?"

Bella (3 years old): "Miwiam is so silly!"

Miriam the Wittgensteinian: "Mummy? If Daddy had married a different Mummy, would he live in this house?"

Miriam the Aristotelian: "Mummy. Why is the world so wonderful?"

Mummy the Husserlian: "Mummy! When I am not here, the trees will still be here!"


Joe P. said...

I'm with Bella!

Elizabeth said...

Such a smartie! I can only begin to agree with Belly and maybe take the Aristotelian Miriam musing. Your girls are so wonderful!

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

She's a deep thinker - just like her Mom!

Clare Krishan said...

So astute - how does a little girl share her perspective on such existential certainties as "I know I am"?

From a child's vantage point, the family is the reference point surely, as Miriam herself formulates queries about time and place? Why not try this mundane tabloid journalism article

to help her grasp personalism - we are persons, we are gifted with the capacity (receptivity) for relationship with others who share place and time with us, as our Heavenly Father does with his Son in the Holy Spirit?

SO...if mummy had a twin sister, and daddy had married her instead, she'd be a cousin to the family you (and not her father rather her uncle) were gifted with from God! God gifts life in this dynamic way, not reducible to a singular idea of our own chosing "I know I am (cogito ergo sum)" but expansive imaginings of creative "I love" (I serve). God sustains the life of the trees, and when they reach the limit God gave them in his wonderful design "when they aren't there anymore (ie are harvested, fall over in a storm, or simply rot away) their material mass can "serve" as wood for structures to protect other life forms or as detritus to compost and provide food for other life forms!

We are made incarnate however in God's image "whose property is always to have mercy"


in our own personal existence here and now in His good time, and in His providential place
... in this world AND in the here-after... presently AND ever more...

"Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow a Mystery,
Today is a Gift
That's why it's called the Present"

God's 'present presence' is an everlasting gift inside the hearts of those who love him, a communio of relationship, rooted in the mystery of undeserved grace, reciprocated by way of same!

(for more a weighty reflection on orienting our existential certainty for grown-ups - experience time and place inside Sunday evening's tornado:

.. then extend it into eternity, and you have Dante's vision of the deepest pits of hell - frozen in a walk-in refrigerator of "non serviam")

Claire (Nayhee) said...

I love it, and I love your take on it, likening her to the Greats. Thanks for the smile. And thanks to Clare, too. That's about the most awesome comment you could have hoped for. :)