Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of fathers and Trinity.

Jeffrey Goldberg shares an inimitably tragic and glorious tale of a father's martyrdom. The story of Thomas Vander Woude's plunge into a septic tank to save his drowning son moves the heart as few others can.

Not every father is faced with the choice to either let his son drown in sewage or drown in sewage himself. But I believe every true father--every father who chooses to live his fatherhood--can identify with Thomas's brave decision. The gift of life may begin at conception, but the father continues always to give life--abundant life--to his child.

This is true of those priests who constantly die to themselves in order that we might live the sacramental life.

This is true of those adoptive fathers who give more abundant life to an abandoned child.

This is true of the Father of Lights, from whom every good and perfect gift comes. He made us, we belong to him, and he constantly holds us in being.

As Thomas held his son above his own submerged head.

Fatherhood is manhood, and manhood is fatherhood. I can think of no greater testimony to the power of grace and the beauty of human nature than the father who loves his children.

A blessed Trinity Sunday to all our fathers, of all kinds.


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priest's wife said...

wow- just beautiful- great fathers are GREAT