Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Belated feasting

I completely forgot to put up a post for St. Gianna's feast day yesterday. We were so busy celebrating with Miriam Gianna that the Internet just didn't happen (which is as it should be, right?). Three-year-olds are so lovely, because they can be content with just a holy card, a round of "Happy Feast Day to You," and some oatmeal cookies.

I'll send you over to Catholic Manhood for another link and a little note.

Happy post-feast day to our lovely firstborn!

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Anne said...

St. Gianna is an obvious example of holiness and Catholic motherhood, but her death is also a rebuke to doctors and a call for more research into gynecological diseases. She died because of medical malpractice. St. Gianna did not have to die in order for her child to live. If her surgeons had used the correct techniques at the time, she would have lived to raise her children and be a comfort to her husband.

This in no way diminishes the sacrifice she made--it was her _willingness_ to die for her child that makes her a saint, not her actual death. Her death was a tragedy, a horrible horrible tragedy that left her little ones without their mommy and her husband without his wife. When we ask St. Gianna for the grace to be good wives and mothers, let us also ask her to guide those in her profession to a fuller understanding of gynecological diseases like fibroids, endometriosis, cysts and others that cause so many women tremendous pain and for which there are almost no morally acceptable cures.