Thursday, April 30, 2009

'Nuff said.

Margaret Sanger or Mother Teresa? This should not be a difficult choice. Cilnton's response at the end puts the decision we must all make in the starkest of terms: Is it the role of the state to protect the radical will to power of a few select human persons or is it to protect those conditions (including life itself) necessary to human excellence? One could (and I do) argue that a woman cannot attain her feminine excellence while being, in many cases, coerced by the culture surrounding her to abort her unborn child.

Thanks to the Feminine Genius.


Melanie B said...

My husband went to Steubenville with Jeff Fortenberry and always speaks very highly of him. I wish he were our congressman.

e2 said...

I wish he was the Senior Senator from MA. :)

Melanie B said...