Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The truth will set you free...

I should title this, "The Lessons of Lent."

This is why the philosopher must be a lover of truth: only the hard truth of our "frigidity" and fragility can bring us to the truth about God. Fr. Benedict Groeschel said once, "Americans hardly know what truth is anymore. We are surrounded by too much advertising, and the media manufactures 'news'." We can hardly reflect on who we are and what follows death--our heads are so full of things for me and now. Only in relationship with the Truth himself, forsaking all others, will we be free. And that is joy:

"The one cure for repeated unfaithfulness is to lament it, to be peaceably humble over it, and to turn again to God as soon as may be. Until we die life's difficulties and humiliations will be with us because of our besetting ingratitude and unfaithfulness. yet provided that this is the result of our weakness of nature without affection of the heart, all is well. For God recognizes our weakness; he is aware of our wretchedness and our powerlessness to shun all unfaithfulness... Guard against discouragement, even though you witness the failure of your repeated resolutions to serve God. Take advantage of this recurring experience to explore ever more thoroughly the deep pit of your nothingness and of your corruption. From it learn utter distrust of yourself and complete reliance on God... Your trust in God can never be pushed too far. Infinite goodness and mercy should induce trust as infinite." ~Jean-Pierre de Caussade, SJ

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