Monday, April 9, 2012

The Resurrection: Love we can recognize.

"If God wishes to reveal the love that he harbors for the world, this love has to be something that the world can recognize... The inner reality of love can be recognized only by love."
~Hans Urs von Balthasar, Love Alone is Credible

Who among us cannot imagine coming home to find a long-dead loved one sitting at our table--alive, laughing, well again?

Our hearts' desire to see and be always with one who has loved us, to be always in a beloved country or land--this is the promise that love has not entirely died in us.

Can you imagine the face of Mary Magdalen when she turned to see her Beloved alive and whole? Can you feel the astonishment and joy breaking in on the heart of His Mother when he first stepped into her room?

God has revealed his love to the world, because He has given us what we most recognize, although we had never before seen it. Life, light, and unfailing love. We recognize Him as our only desire, because He has never left us alone.


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Faith said...

Beautiful reflection.
He is truly risen!