Monday, September 8, 2008

"Educated" is not "responsible."

Here's a lively and interesting take on sex-education from Darwin Catholic (via Wine Dark Sea). His point speaks some Pascalian mantra to me: it is not the intellect alone that governs, but the good will. Only if the heart--the core of the man--convinces reason can education in any moral arena "work." Information alone--whether it's abstinence or contraceptives--does not change the will. The will must be persuaded through habit, sometimes force (at a young age), goodness, and beauty.


audrey/boge said...

Nice post. I'm at the same cafe again, so if I run into that guy, I'll send him to your blog!

e said...

something that "Darwin" didn't point out was that while it is difficult to see the effectivity rates of abstinence education programs as compared to comprehensive ones, one benefit abstinence or holistic (the later of which I support) does seem to delay the sexual debut, which is of consequence, even if there does happen to be sex before marriage, delaying that debut means fewer partners and incredibly lowered risks for all those "unwanted" consequences--and increased age/maturity for those that do "suffer" from them.
+++and as a side note to one of the comments to that post, I also came to the realization that sex outside of marriage was "no good," from a secular stand point. When I found out the Church felt the same, that is when I fell in love with her and converted. Who couldn't love such a steadfast and consistent Church!?