Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miriam has a disclaimer.

Miriam paints. As she paints, she usually enters into a sort of trance and sings a happy stream-of-consciousness song. Sometimes I have no idea where she gets the lyrics.

This morning:

"I have a disclaimer.
And if you have a baby, she is sick.
I need something to do for you.
You will take care of her all
and she will get better
and Peter Pan
But what will you do?
God on high stepped down into time
and wrote a story
for everyone
You and I were made to...
are painting.
We'll stay here.
Hey, let's get my other paints!"


Christine said...

LOL. Not only do you have a ballerina, you have a painter and an indie-rock singer/songwriter. The artistic gene in your family seems v. determined to express itself... :)

Erika Ahern said...

Indeed, try as we may to SMASH it! Just kidding.