Monday, September 29, 2008

Novena Honoring St. Therese, Day Eight

The following excerpts are from the two last letters written by Therese to her "brother missionaries," priests she adopted spiritually and with whom she exchanged many thoughts and prayers.

July 26, 1897
When you read these few lines I shall perhaps be no more. I know
not the future; yet I can confidently say that my Spouse is at the
door. It would need a miracle to keep me in exile, and I do not
think that Jesus will work that miracle--He does nothing that is
of no avail.
Brother, I am so happy to die! Yes, happy . . . not because I
shall be free from suffering: on the contrary, suffering combined
with love seems the one thing worthy of desire in this vale of
tears; but happy to die because far more than on earth I shall
help the souls I hold dear.
Jesus has always treated me as a spoilt child. . . . It is true
that His Cross has been with me from the cradle, but for that
Cross He has given me a passionate love . . .
August 14, 1897
 I am about to go before God, and I understand now more than ever
that one thing only is needful--to work for Him alone, and do
nothing for self or creatures. Jesus wishes to own your heart
completely. Before this can be, you will have much to suffer . . .
but oh! what joy when comes the happy hour of going Home! I shall
not die--I do but enter into Life . . . and whatsoever I cannot
tell you here upon earth I will make you understand from the
heights of Heaven. . . .

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