Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God is not a tapioca pudding.

If he were a pudding--vast, spiritual pudding in the sky--then

deep ecology
the contraceptive mentality
bestial aggression
and power politics

would all be natural and therefore justifiable in at least some cases.

But he is not. He took a human face.

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e said...

Oh my gosh--- I clicked on the "abortion" link and read the page. I almost threw up all over Ray's desk.
Who wrote that crap? "Gently empties your uterus..." you may also need a shot through your abdomen to make sure there is fetal demise before the procedure begins." "possible risks include: incomplete abortion — part of the pregnancy is left inside the uterus"
Gently? Fetal demise? Part of the pregnancy? I didn't realize you could be PARTIALLY pregnant! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! How can we have charity in truth with the deceitful person who wrote this!!?? "Serious, long-term emotional problems after abortion are about as uncommon as they are after giving birth." This is down right false. They need to read medical journals that point out the uncanny correlation between abortion and suicide rates, etc.
OK- last one "having to terminate a wanted pregnancy because your health or the health of your fetus is in danger" Um... the health of the fetus in danger? So, um, let's initiate fetal demise ourself?? PEOPLE! It breaks my heart.